April 6, 2014
Junior Indian Dance Contest (children under 17)
18 General Belov str., "Avangard" Center for Culture and Arts, Moscow

Journalists and photographers are always welcome. In order to optimize the collaboration and avoid misunderstanding which may arise for various reasons, we have published here the rules of accreditation compulsory for all the mass media representatives.

  • The accreditation is carried out on the basis of an announcement. The information about the publication (the number and the issue date) or the broadcast must be stated in the application for accreditation. If you represent an internet portal or the announcement has been duplicated in the internet version of your edition, it is necessary to email a link for the announcement.
  • We will accredit one correspondent and one press photographer of one edition; one correspondent of one broadcasting station; a camera crew consisted of 3 persons of one TV-channel.

The surname of the press photographer must be stated in the application without fail, otherwise the photographer will not be accredited. The accreditation may be denied for the citizens accredited by email who are going to take pictures with a simple hand-held camera.

  • One can take away its accreditation right before the event. The issuance of the accreditations is to start half an hour before the official beginning of the event and finish an hour later after the official beginning. We reserve the right to deny the accreditation for latecomers.
  • The accreditation is to be closed 2 days before the event. We must send your confirmation or reasoned denial of the accreditation by this moment.

We hope that the rules will arrange our coexistence.
See you at the festival!